• I am a full-stack software developer with 21 years of professional experience.
  • I have consulted in a variety of industries including automotive, human resources, industrial, insurance, retail, and service.
  • I live in the Chicago area.
  • Benefits: You are hiring an experienced, independent, accountable, and self-motivated developer.

Web Development

  • I started creating web pages in 1994, back when the <img> tag was the new thing.
  • I’m a hard-core, hand-editor of HTML and CSS.
  • I write semantic code that is clean and responsive.
  • I use the best tools for the job, whether it’s Sass, Bootstrap, jQuery, vanilla JavaScript, or something I haven’t even tried yet.
  • Benefits: Your products reach the widest audience because the code is clean, semantic and responsive.

Back-End Development

  • I design normalized databases and write SQL.
  • I use tools like nginx, Heroku, GitHub and Ubuntu.
  • I create back-end business code.
  • I build applications for the web, handheld devices, the desktop, and the server.
  • I am a fan of the command-line and a student of Vim.
  • I write tests first with rSpec and Cucumber.
  • I code in multiple languages including Ruby/Ruby on Rails, C#/ASP.NET, and SQL. I dip into other languages, too.
  • Benefits: You get a developer with depth of experience in the software stack.

Software Design

  • I think in big ideas but keep a small ego.
  • I deliver software designed to friction and create business value.
  • I prioritize a great user experience and clean user interfaces.
  • I delight customers with early and continuous delivery of software.
  • I help businesses find the great, untapped potential in process improvement.
  • I know new problems will be thrown at me, but I’ll be able to figure it out.
  • I define success when the users of my software wonder how they ever did their job without it.
  • Benefits: You are hiring not only a programmer, but a systems analyst with empathy for our customers.


  • I am a clear but casual communicator.
  • I am attentive to the problems expressed by our clients and users and reiterate their concerns.
  • I write the gamut of documentation from technical specifications to user documentation.
  • I am comfortable working with any level in a company from C-level executives to entry-level personnel.
  • I co-host a podcast about writing. I am always thinking about communication.
  • Benefits: You can expect clear written and verbal communication between our team and our clients.

Project Management

  • I am interested in work that lets me keep my hands on a project from start-to-finish.
  • I believe in project ownership: having the authority to make decisions for success and taking responsibility when things go wrong.
  • I am accountable and will not utter: “That’s not my job.”
  • I take loose requirements, determine what needs to be done, and create specifications to meet the business needs.
  • I estimate scope and track progress through the entire project.
  • Benefits: You rest assured that projects run smoothly.


  • I participate in teams of all sizes and understand the nuances in communicating in each.
  • I lead teams but know I can learn from anyone.
  • I help my team be more effective by investigating new tools and processes.
  • I resolve conflict through open conversations and a genuine desire to understand others.
  • I welcome clients as part of the team to particpate in project success.
  • I am a cooperative worker who knows "all of us" is smarter than any one of us.
  • Benefits: You gain a reliable team member who works well with others.


Software Developer / Owner

Red Bit Blue Bit, LLC August 2006 - present

Technical Cofounder

FinalScope May 2012 - June 2014

Lead Design Architect

Avastone Technologies, LLC October 2002 - August 2006


Stratagem, Inc. September 1999 - October 2002

Business Systems Analyst

Auto Glass Specialists, Inc. August 1995 - September 1999


B.S. Business Administration

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 1990 - 1995

An emphasis in Management Information Systems. Computer Science Minor.


Typehammer Podcast

http://typehammer.com April 2015 - present

I am a cohost of this weekly podcast. Typehammer is a podcast for writers looking to use technology to power their writing. We are three software techies with a passion for writing; we cover recent news, interesting reads, the craft of writing, and the latest in tech tools and tips.